Monday, April 29, 2013

"It's clobbering time" Casting the Thing from The Fantastic 4 in White Chocolate

Fantastic 4 The Thing Action Figure-Cast in Chocolate using ComposiMold-FC
Yes, that's a white chocolate action figure! The original Fantastic Four Thing action figure was purchased at a Goodwill Store. To make the mold, we placed him in a bucket and poured ComposiMold over him. We poured in intervals to help attach him, so he would not float. Approximately 1 inch of ComposiMold was poured into the bucket, and after that solidified, the rest of the ComposiMold-FC was poured over that.

ComposiMold-FC Mold with the Thing inside
After the ComposiMold mold solidified, we used a razor blade to cut down the sides. We tried to keep the parting line along the edge of the Thing. We also cut a line above the head to ensure that we could remove the head from the mold after the chocolate is poured into the mold.

The action figure mold being coated with white chocolate 
To make sure the mold is filled, each half of the two part mold is coated with the white chocolate before putting the halves together. The two halves were taped shut and placed in the freezer after being filled with the white chocolate.

Action figure mold filled with white chocolate
The white chocolate is in the mold and halves are ready to be put together

A little extra white chocolate is added into the feet of the  mold  to make sure it is filled
(is that a clone of Luke Skywalker in the photograph? Stay-tuned!)
 To make the chocolate harder, we placed it into the refrigerator to cool.  After completely solidifying, we removed one half of the mold.

You can even see the on/off switch on the casting! Awesome details!

We thought we were in trouble when his leg broke off while removing the chocolate action figure from the mold, but chocolate is officially the best casting material. It taste great and it is reusable, just like ComposiMold. So we used a hot air gun to slightly melt the leg, and we put the two parts back together!

Argg! Doctor Doom has struck! The Thing has an injured leg!

The Thing can be repaired, thanks to chocolates re-casting ability

Using the Human Torch (or in this case a hot air gun), The Thing is healed!

Super awesome details! You can see his rock skin and the Fantastic Four on his belt. His leg is all better!

The Thing Action Figure of the Fantastic Four  Climbs a mountain of ComposiMold-FC!

The Thing Copy with the Thing Original

Thanks! And have fun with your creations!

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