Monday, September 9, 2013

Jeweler, Heather Perry, Uses PowerMold to Free Her Creative Process

Below is a customer testimonial that we really wanted to share. Her project is breathtaking and her words match Stan Farrell's original intentions when he invented ComposiMold and PowerMold. Thank you, Heather, for sharing your experience with us. ~The ComposiMold Team

'The Weight of the Heavenly Garden in the Plane of Existence'

Necklaces by Heather Perry, made in PowerMold molds. Photo by Amy Pierce
"For my recent work, EVERY SINGLE COMPONENT WAS CAST USING POWER MOLD! It literally made this body of work possible and affordable. I was able to pull many casts from the molds I made (as you can see I have a lot of repeated forms in some of these pieces). When I had made enough of one form I was able to reuse the media for other molds as opposed to having to purchase more mold media to cast more forms. You are no doubt aware of the expense of most mold mediums, and when you consider how many forms I used to compose these 4 pieces you can imagine the costs I might have incurred. As a graduate student cost is definitely a factor in every creative decision I make, so believe me when I tell you Power Mold truly made this work possible.

It also allowed me the freedom of experimentation. In any creative endeavor, trial and error is a critical phase in the design and manifestation of a work. When you are using a costly, non renewable material you tend to be more careful in your planning, often at the expense of material experimentation and exploration because you are afraid to make mistakes that will waste material. I did not have this worry with Power Mold. I knew that whatever I did could be undone and this freedom allowed my work to take directions int his body of work I would never have realized otherwise. " Heather Perry

This one is a good example of the multitude of repeated forms (the beads which compose the festoon on the neck piece) I cast in Power Mold.

Photo by Amy Pierce
Photo by Amy Pierce
"Thank you very much for your excellent product and service! My very best to you all!" 
-Heather Perry

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