Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Chair, a flower, and chocolate. Making a mold on the go...

On our way to our first International Cake Exploration Society Annual Show in Kentucky, we were stopped at a hotel with  some interesting plastic chairs along the pool’s edge. 

Having some time to spare, we decided to experiment with our favorite mold making material, ComposiMold…

We had everything we needed:  a chair with a pretty flower design on it, some ComposiMold, and a microwave in our room.

We melted the ComposiMold and coated the rose on the back of the chair. ComposiMold as a brush-on or paint-on mold works great by letting the ComposiMold cool after you have melted it. As it begins to solidify it will become thicker and so you will only need a few layers of ComposiMold to make your mold. Thin layers of ComposiMold also cool faster than the entire tub of ComposiMold, so you can do several layers without having to remelt the container.

So we brushed on the ComposiMold…(after we cleaned/washed the chair!)

Let it cool…

Peeled the mold it off the chair...

Our mold was finished and ready for casting. We poured in some melted chocolate and made a nice white chocolate rose from a chair!

The ComposiMold was then re-melted and off we were back on the road…cool experiment and fun.

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