Friday, August 23, 2013

Great ComposiMold Customer Review by Jack Hopp

Thanks to Jack we have another great example of ComposiMold being used in the model world. He created these HO scale stone walls based on the sizes he needed and for a fraction of the cost of buying them pre-made!

Below is his email to us explaining some of his process:

Just wanted to take a moment to tell how great ComposiMold worked for my plaster casts.

I had absolutely no problems with bubbles in the molds.  I heated the material in a glass Pyrex measuring cup per instructions for the first 3 minutes.

Then, I continued heating in 30-second increments in "defrost" mode, stirring after each.  Two to three defrost cycles made it ready to pour. 

Doing it this way, it never overheated the material and never caused bubbles to form.

I melted and reused the material in 3 different molds with perfect results.  Not really any problem with the wet plaster deforming the molds.

Using ComposiMold I was able to cast the 23 retaining walls needed for my layout for about $40.  To purchase commercially available walls would have cost over $230.

I also appreciated the personal note on the packing slip from Shawn thanking me for the purchase.

Excellent product, enjoyed doing business with you.

Regards, Jack

Master object to mold.

ComposiMold solidifying.

Master and Mold side by side.

Mold and Cast side by side.

Plaster cast with great detail!

Carved and painted.

The group of walls.

Closeup with vine detail.
 Thanks again Jack for your great photos and your positive feedback! We are happy to know how well ComposiMold worked for your project! ~The ComposiMold Team

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