Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Horsing Around in the Bluegrass!

This 15 pound chocolate horse head was created in a 110 pound ComposiMold. The "master" was the head of a rocking horse. We love to demonstrate just how much detail ComposiMold can pick up and we hope that the size of this casting will inspire you too!

This year the theme of the International Cake Exploration Societe Convention is, Horsing Around In The Bluegrass. So we've been molding and casting horse themed chocolates and fondants in honor of this event.

Stan, Bobbi, and Bob have just arrived in Kentucky this afternoon after a long drive from Maine to show off ComposiMold-FC (food contact) to the cake decorating world. We know that we'll get lots of attention because of ComposiMold's re-usability and compatibility with food items.

So if you are in town check out our booth at the 38th annual ICES Convention in Lexington, Kentucky August 8th - 11th!

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