Thursday, December 19, 2013

DELIGHT Modeling Compound Frames made in a PowerMold Mold

In the following project you will see how easy it is to duplicate a small picture frame in a  PowerMold mold. We used DELIGHT Modeling Compound as a casting material and found that it is super easy to color by kneading pigment right into the product before pressing it into the mold. This saves time and looks more authentic that when I painted it after it dried.

Our newest kit contains PowerMold and DELIGHT Modeling Compound, the perfect match for this push mold technique. PowerMold is our firm reusable mold making material which holds up better to the pressing of the casting material and the releasing of the mold. Visit for more ordering information! 

Start by choosing your paint colors:

Add paint to the DELIGHT and then thoroughly knead it into the modeling compound until it is completely mixed:

Roll out a coil of the material and place it into the mold.
Press firmly so that the material fills all the nooks and crannies of the mold:

 Gently roll the material away from all edges and in towards itself to create a clean edge:

Flip your mold over and bend it away from the casting material, letting the frame fall out of the mold unwarped:

Repeat this process until you have as many frames as you need for your project:

Before your parts dry completely, poke 2 holes at the top corners of the frame to feed a hanger string into:

Choose tiny art pieces to hot glue to the back of the frame and string a hemp strand through the holes and knot it:

You could continue to embellish the frames to your desired effect or go ahead and wrap them for your favorite gift recipients this holiday season.

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