Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fondant Dump Truck Cake Topper Made in a ComposiMold

Follow the steps below to learn how to make a traditional 2 Part Mold so you can duplicate all the sides of the object you are molding! We used a fondant type material called Mexican Paste as our casting material that came in a powder form. Simply add water and mix, cover and let stand over night, knead and then press into your mold. It hardens very well which makes it easy to de-mold from your ComposiMold!      (You could definitely use chocolate in this mold as well!)

ComposiMold-FC, 40oz.
Mexican Paste or Your Favorite Fondant
Veggie Oil Mold Release
Heat Safe Containers
Polymer Type Clay
Edible Food Paints to Embellish Your Casting


You can also use this same technique with pourable casting materials: (great for liquids like resins, plaster, wax, or chocolate)

Semi-hollow casting: Follow steps 1-7. At step 8, instead of pressing your casting material into your mold halves, you will pour or brush your casting material into the halves. You can then align your mold halves, tape them together and rotate the mold to coat all the interior walls of the mold.

Solid casting: Add a "sprue" in step 1. A sprue is a channel that you create in the mold to pour your liquid materials through. You can make this sprue with a piece of coiled clay stuck to the side of the original object. This shape will become part of your mold. When you get to step 8, you will align and tape your mold halves together, pour your liquid casting material down into this sprue and let cure. Once your casting material has solidifed you can demold it as instructed above and snap off any material that cured in the sprue.

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