Monday, March 3, 2014

Sue Makes Cat Shaped Soaps in ComposiMold to Raise Money for

As always, we love sharing customer testimonials and project photos! We also love to help spread the word about amazing organizations like dedicated to minimizing the feral cat population in SW Colorado by spaying or neutering over 7,000 cats in their organization's history. 

 Our new friend, Sue, is the president of She is dedicated to raising money to keep this mission alive. In addition to being an animal advocate, she is also a super creative silversmith, lost wax casting mold maker, and leather artist!

We are loving talking with her and seeing how she is harnessing her creativity to make a difference in the animal kingdom!

If you are feeling inspired by her ComposiMold project, simply follow this link: to make a donation!

Sue writes:

"I've made 2 whole molds!  LOL  I'm going to need more Composimold.  I made a mold of a cat figurine 2 days ago and last nite I girded my loins and read all the instructions and watched your videos for the umpteenth time.  I got my melt and pour soap, melted some, colored it lavender, added some lavender scented oil (both items made for soap), and poured into my cat mold that had been chilling in the freezer for 2 hrs.  (this mold has a LOT of detail with the eyes and fur, etc).  I put it in the fridge to set up and tried to ignore it for an hour.  At midnight...I carefully un-molded it.  SUCCESS!  A perfect lavender 'bar' of soap.  I couldn't sleep because I was so excited and went thru my rottweiler figurines to make another mold.  I chose one and found a container that would work for it.  Melted the ComposiMold and poured over it. Yet I didn't have enough ComposiMold!!!!!!!!!  It only went up to the dog's neck. Darn! (Tomorrow I'm ordering more ComposiMold!) Then I poured the ComposiMold back into the container and quickly found my second choice rottweiler figurine and set it up.  Re-heated the ComposiMold and poured over.  Went to bed at 2 am, very excited.  I just cut the mold open and it too looks perfect!  I have to feed our feral cats (9 of them) and the Canada geese and ducks on the river now, but when I come back in I'm going to make a lavender rottweiler!"

The pink cats are rose scented and weigh 1.25 oz.  The gray cat is actually lavender colored and scented.

I think you'll agree the detail is amazing!  You can easily see the fur.  I did break an ear off one cat, but with judicious use of a soldering iron and rheostat and a bit of extra soap I 'glued' the ear back on and you  honestly can't see the break.  I'm going to paint a bit of vegetable oil in just the ear areas. (as a mold release) The left ear is deliberately 'broken'.  When a feral cat is trapped and spayed or neutered the left ear is tipped, the end cut off, so you can easily see from a distance that the cat has already been caught and fixed." 
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