Monday, April 28, 2014

1970's Triple Crown Winner knows about ComposiMold

We, in ComposiMold Land, are constantly surprised to hear how ComposiMold is being used in the "real world". Lisa Menz never fails to impress us with her cake decorating skills and her ambitious ComposiMold projects too!

This time she had the honor of creating Jean Cruguet's 70th birthday cake. Mr. Cruguet was the jockey who in the 1970's rode Seattle Slew to the top, winning the Triple Crown Races!

Lisa writes about her process, "I made a huge mold of a horse head with ComposiMold and then I used black fondant for the horse head." She also mentioned, "You could use chocolate also, of course."

Lisa demonstrates ComposiMold's reusability and cost effectiveness perfectly here. She only needed one horse head for this special cake...and it needed to be big! She can make this large mold with the ComposiMold she has been using for her custom cake decorating business and then simply remelt it for her next project! 

Thank you Lisa, for sharing this cake with us and Mr. Cruguet too!
                            ~Your friends in ComposiMold Land

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