Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Sharon Stiegler Uses ComposiMold-FC to Create Edible Masterpieces

We first met Sharon Stiegler at a cake show during which she purchased ComposiMold. At this year's Great American Cake Show in Westminster, Maryland we were again greeted by Sharon and her enthusiasm and excitement spread throughout the hall as she shared her latest cake and decorating ideas, all made using molds created with ComposiMold. She graciously shared her ComposiMold molds she made using a plastic grenade, real bullets, and wooden bowling balls and pins.

Chocolate bullet made in a ComposiMold mold of a real bullet.

Chocolate bullets and grenade made in a ComposiMold.

Bowling pins and balls made in a ComposiMold.
Her creations were absolutely amazing and we envied those lucky folks who were able to sample the chocolate confections. Sharon's cake at the show gave us new molding ideas; she used nuts and bolts as well as gears to make the decorations on her cake. The gorgeous butterflies on her cake were so realistic, it required close inspection to ascertain that they were not real! We want to thank Sharon for sharing her cakes and molds, her molding support, and allowing us to make posters using some of her decorations. Thank you Sharon; see you at the next show! -Bobbi

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