Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Turn a Glass Swan Into a Plastic Swan with ComposiMold

In today's project we used a glass swan figurine to make our own plastic figurine by using Clear Casting Plastic and a ComposiMold mold. Clear Casting Plastic is our jewelry grade, epoxy resin, that looks just like glass when it's cured. It is super easy to use too! Simply, mix Part A and Part B in equal proportions, by weight or volume, and pour it into your ComposiMold mold.

The supplies used for this project were:
Vegetable Oil Mold Release
Bubble Buster
Clear Casting Plastic our awesome Epoxy Resin
and a glass figurine of a swan

Remember: Thoroughly mixing this Epoxy Resin is very important. Be sure to scrape the sides of the cup to incorporate ALL material. Pouring slowly into your mold also decreases likelihood of bubbles forming in your final piece.

Be creative and tell us what you're up to! ~The ComposiMold Team

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