Monday, August 3, 2015

Concrete, Dogs, Gardens and Moulds; Duplicate and Create a Concrete Poodle, German Shepherd, or French Bulldog using ComposiMold!

This video will teach you how to make and duplicate a large concrete Poodle, German Shepher, French Bulldog and other types of garden statues.

·         First create your mold box.
o   For best results use wood that has been sealed
o   Spray with a heavy coat of mold release.
§  The pieces that I used were not sealed so it made it challenging to remove the pieces from the mold.
o   The mold box is 12”X18”X29” We made sure the mold was at least 1inch thick around the entire statue.
o   Fill in all the cracks where your liquid mold making material ComposiMold could escape.
§  I used silicone caulking to too fill in the gaps and cracks. If you want to guarantee the ComposiMold wont escape, fill the mold box with water and see if it can hold without any problems.
·         Prepare your master.
o   Make sure your master is sealed.
o   Coat it with mold release.
o   Place it in the mold box and spray it with a heavy coat of bubble buster.
§  Bubble Buster is a great way to prevent bubbles from sticking to your part by breaking surface tension and allowing the bubbles to rise to the surface.
·         Create your mold
o   Melt the ComposiMold in a 55 gallon drum or a double boiler
§  Use heat belts that have a maximum temperature of 160 degrees Fahrenheit.
§  We used about 250Lbs of ComposiMold for this project.
·         Demold
o   For large projects like this wait 24 hours before removing the mold box.
§  If it still feels soft it has not finished cooling.
o   We chose to pour the mold in one part which means that we had to cut the mold in order to get the original statue out.
§  This process does work, however I would highly recommend creating a parting line ahead of time by inserting a plastic sheet where you want the mold to come apart before pouring the ComposiMold. This will make demolding a lot easier and a nicer looking mold.
o   Once you do get the original out of the mold coat it with mold release then put the two halves back together in the mold box and prepare it for the cement.
·         Create your duplicate
o   Use Pro Finnish 5000 concrete mix made by Quickcrete (or similar) which can be found at most hardware store.
§  Pro Finnish 5000 works great with ComposiMold and only takes 14 hours to cure.
o   Mix 80 pounds of cement with 1 gallon of water.
o    Pour the concrete into the mold one section at a time making sure all the areas of the dog filled especially its nose.
§  A hammer drill works great for vibrating the mold allowing the cement to flow throughout the mold.
o   The cement should be removed from the mold after 14 hours to allow it to finish curing.
o   Gently remove the duplicate from the mold to prevent cracking and damage.
o   Admire your creation then create more or re-melt the mold and make a new mold.

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