Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Halloween Chocolate Pops with ComposiMold

Being able to make one-of-a-kind chocolate pops has never been easier. With ComposiMold you can sculpt a piece of clay into the shape pop you want, make a mold of it, and then fill it with chocolate. Easy! And Fun!

Watch this video tutorial to learn how we completed this process to make these spooky chocolate pops! You can also read the step by step instructions below.

Materials Needed: 
ComposiMold FC or Easy Make It Chocolate
Heat Safe Mold Box
Polymer Type Clay (Fimo or Sculpey)
Vegetable Oil Mold Release
Hot Glue Gun and Ruler (or exacto knife)
Exacto Knife
Lollipop sticks
Piping bag (or a sandwich bag works great)

Step By Step:
1. Sculpt polymer clay into any shape face you want. Keep it simple and have fun or get really detailed and have fun! Just be sure to leave the back of the face flat. 
2. Bake the polymer clay per product instructions. 
3. Hot glue back of faces to the bottom of a heat safe mold box. I used a metal baking dish. 
4. Coat clay faces and inside of mold box with a Vegetable Oil Mold Release. Use a paint brush to get mold release into all the details and crevices. Wipe away any excess.
5. Melt ComposiMold per instructions and carefully pour over faces in the mold box. Cover the sculptures by at least 1/2".
6. Use a toothpick to guide any bubbles away from the surface of the clay sculptures. It's perfectly fine if there are bubbles on the top surface of the mold. Bubbles that will affect your mold are only the ones touching the clay surface. 
7. Let ComposiMold cool back to a flexible rubbery material.
8. Pull the mold out of the mold box.
9. Use a sharp and clean knife to cut around the back edges of the clay sculptures. This will create the opening to pour the melted chocolate into later. 
10. Pull the clay out of the mold. 
11. Use a clean hot glue gun tip (no glue) and a ruler to melt a channel to place your pop stick in. Place this channel so it runs directly from center of each sculpture mold cavity and out about 4 inches. (You may also cut a channel with a sharp clean exacto knife.)
12. Melt the chocolate per product instructions and pipe into the mold. Be sure the chocolate makes its way into the lowest, most detailed sections first. 
13. Tap the bottom of the mold to release any air bubbles and help chocolate flow down into mold. 
14. Place the sticks into the channels, sticking up into the chocolate about 1/2". Roll the stick so that chocolate coats the tip of the stick. You can also pipe a little more chocolate over the tip of the stick to ensure a solid hold.
15. Let chocolate cool.
16. Carefully bend the mold away from the chocolate pops and remove them.
17. You may now pipe some more details such as hair or eyelashes. This is not necessary but adds another dimension of detail.
18. Enjoy!

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