Monday, September 14, 2015

Make Custom Fancy Ice Cubes (Ice Cube Molds)

First secure the object to the bottom of a container using hot glue. Apply a thin layer of mold release, spray a heavy coat of Bubble Buster then melt and pour the ComposiMold until it fills at least a quarter inch above the object. Allow the ComposiMold to cool until it becomes rubber like. Remove the mold from the container and pull it out of the mold.

Now place your mold and a cup of water in the freezer. Once the mold is as cold as you can get it (below 30 Fahrenheit) and the water is just above the freezing point (between 33-40 Fahrenheit) pour the cool water into the mold. Now wait an hour and your ice should be ready to demold.

Cool down your drink!

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