Monday, April 3, 2017

Essential Art Supplies for Artists Striving to Enter the Third Dimension

Having the right tools at your disposal can really help you bring out the artistic vision in you, but if your only tools are for the two dimensional world, that’s all you’re going to get is two dimensions. It’s time to leave the flatness of two dimensions with sculpture mold making and creativity. The World is Not Flat.

We offer the tools to push the boundary of 3D art and sculpture without worry or fuss. ComposiMold mold making products are re-usable, eco-friendly, and simple to use. Simplicity and re-usability are important so that you are working on your vision, not worrying about how you are going to make something without wasting material.

As a tool, it is there when you need it…like a paint brush. ComposiMold and ImPRESSive Putty can be re-melted and re-used to make molds and casting whenever your artistic vision desires. The mold making materials will last for years if kept in a seal bag or container.

Here’s Helene Farrar using ImPRESSive Putty in her encaustic painting to make the painting jump out of the canvas. A simple sculpture makes the entire painting stand out. She is using a 3000 year old artistic medium to make something never before created.
Making 3D Encaustic Art: Helene Farrar (

And visit the PolymerClayTutor to see how she is using ImPRESSive Putty in her artwork.
Brought to you by Cindy and Doug Lietz... "Make what you love... Love what you make!"

The tools are there. It’s time to reach into the third dimension with your art.

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  2. Thank you Cindy and Doug for making this blog post about/with mold and clay. I love forming stuff with my hands. Keep up the good work! <3


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