Friday, August 21, 2009

Examples of Jewelry Making with ComposiMold

Here are a couple of examples of some jewelry pieces made with ComposiMold molds and polyurethane resin. What is great about ComposiMold is the two castings were done with the same ComposiMold. The bracelets were made first. Then the ComposiMold was remelted and used to make the ring.

To make the bracelet, the red bracelet was placed into a container. A mold release was sprayed over it. ComposiMold-LT was poured over the part and giving time to solidify (about 20 minutes in the refrigerator). The ComposiMold mold was then cut. The original bracelet was removed. Polyurethan resin was mixed and poured into the ComposiMold mold. Some food coloring was added into the resin to get the spekkled look.

The blue ring was duplicated the same way. Blue pigment was added to the polyurethane casting material.

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