Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Plaster Frog Casting using ComposiMold

We made a plaster casting of a frog figurine to show how to use the Reusable Mold Making Material, ComposiMold, for plaster castings. We used a plastic frog as the mold.

The plastic frog floated in the ComposiMold so we stuck in down using polymer clay. We could also have used double sided tape or even flipped the frog upside down and pushed it into the mold making material.

We used a 16 oz container of ComposiMold. We melted it for a minute and a half. That melted enough for us to cover the frog. We sprayed on a mold release (http://compositherm.com/moldrelease.html). It took about 20 minutes to solidify the ComposiMold in the refrigerator.

Mold release was added into the mold (just in case) and plaster was mixed. The plaster was poured into the mold. The hardest part was waiting for the plaster to cure. We managed to wait a day (about 12 hours).

The plaster frog figurine was pulled from the mold.

We then cleaned out the mold. First we dumped out any extra plaster material. We then cleaned the mold gently with water. The mold was then dried. The mold was then ready for a second casting. When we are finished making the frogs, the reusable mold making material can be melted and reused.

For another tutorial on making plaster parts see http://composimold.com/CM-tutorial-Plaster.htm

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