Saturday, May 29, 2010

See no evil-Urethane Frogs cast with ComposiCast

Here are three frogs that were made with ComposiCast urethane resin. These pieces are approximately 7 inches high and about 3 inches in diameter.

Three different mold making techniques were used.

The first consisted of simply placing the original frog casting into a container and pouring ComposiMold around it. After the ComposiMold solidified by cooling, Urethane resin was poured in. The urethane is the ComposiCast resin sold through Because of the large size, the urethane heated up and partially melted the ComposiMold. The part still worked, but the mold was only good for one cast.

In the second approach. ComposiMold was brushed on to the original frog figurine. After about 1/2 inch around the part, it was peeled off. The urethane was poured in small amounts and allowed to cure. Because smaller amounts were used, it did not melt the ComposiMold mold making material.

The third method combined ComposiMold with a silicone brush-on material. Two layers of silicone brush-on material was used to coat the frog. Because the brush-on material is not stiff enough to hold its shape without a backing material, ComposiMold was poured around the part. The original part was removed and urethane was poured into the mold (consisting of a thin layer of silicone and about an inch thick ComposiMold). Latex or urethane rubber could also have been used for the brush-on material.
To see more ComposiMold images check out the web album at: ComposiMold Mold Making


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