Friday, January 11, 2013

A Customer Casts a Three Pound Chocolate Puppy

Thank you, Carolyn, for sending us photos of your most recent project with ComposiMold. It's really great to see how your vision came to life.

"This is a prototype - only because it's made out of candy mold chocolate.  The "real" ones will be made with Callebaut chocolate.  We're using them as trophies for a local dog show. When I make the new one, I'll send a photo.

Thanks for the great product!" Carolyn

We emailed her again to ask her if we could use a photo of her project on some marketing material and she shared a little more information about the mold.

"Composimold is the greatest stuff!!  This is a relatively large mold. It took at least 15 pounds of ComposiMold and 3 pounds of chocolate!" Carolyn

This is the original object Carolyn chose to make into a chocolate trophy!

Here is the chocolate cast wrapped in gold foil! The detail is the face is amazing!

Another angle for us to see the prototype for the finished trophy!
We love to see projects like Carolyn's. Please send us your story and photos too! Michelle

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