Friday, May 29, 2015

What Disney Toy Story Character Did We Make into a Chocolate Cake Topper? (Woody, Buzz, Rex, Mr. Potato Head?)

A great thing about working at ComposiMold in Manchester Maine is that we can duplicate most anything. This is a good thing when a birthday comes around, and you want to give someone special a personalized gift. I’ve made candles for my wife, unique soaps to my parents, and miniature figurines for the kids.

In today's video we feature a mold made of a Disney Toy Story Character that we then turned into a Chocolate cake topper. Who did we mold? Is it Woody, Buzz Light year, Rex, Jessie, Sid, Mr. Potato Head, BO Peep, Slinky dog?

The Toy Story movies rock and all of these are great choices. Eventually, we hope to replicate all of the creatures from this classic Pixar series. Until then, you all will have to enjoy this video. Nice Work Shawn- until then, we leave you with only a hint, "To Infinity and Beyond!" my friends! 

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