Tuesday, June 16, 2015

ComposiMold-Firm, Perfect for Sculpey Push Molds

ComposiMold-Firm is a firm mold making material that is also a 100% reusable mold making material. It works by melting and pouring. ComposiMold-Firm is a flexible, rubbery, thermoplastic that is great for mold parts that require a stiffer mold making material. It is compatible with many different casting materials including clays, plaster, cement, epoxy, polyurethane, and many others. You can use ComposiMold-Firm for polymer clay push molds such as Sculpey molds or Fimo molds.

This is what we are demonstrating in today's video, Sculpey being pressed into the ComposiMold-Firm mold. Being stiff enough to handle the pressure of the push-mold technique is one of ComposiMold-Firm's best features. The delicate casting will not become warped by a too flimsy mold. See for yourself, how we make earrings and apply the same technique to many arts and craft projects!


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