Monday, August 17, 2015

ComposiMold's Soy Wax Product Demo (Make a Custom Olaf Birthday Cake Candle and More!)

Now you can make a custom prize candle, diamond candle, birthday candles, led candles, man candles, and other homemade candles.

ComposiMold’s Soy Wax is a great casting material; it looks nice and works great with ComposiMold molds. ComposiMold’s soy wax has one of the lowest melting points of all available waxes with a melting temperature of just 120 Fahrenheit, plus its plant based.

Once you are ready to create a unique candle, place the soy wax flakes in a microwave safe container and heat it at 1 minute intervals until completely melted. Wait for the wax to cool below 130 Fahrenheit before pouring it into your mold. In the meantime go ahead and prepare the wick, poke a hole in the mold were you want the wick to go then force the wick through the hole. Pull the wick all the way through the mold and secure it so that it will end up in the center of the candle, then tape up all the seams/cuts in the mold. Once the wick is prepped and if your wax is cool enough you can pour it into the mold.
You will have to wait a couple hours before removing the candle from the mold, then all you need to do is trim the wicks and you have yourself a unique custom candle.
It’s as easy as that, Place it on a cake and light it up!  
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