Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Make Edible Legos with Jello and ComposiMold-FC

Make a mold of your Lego bricks and then pour jello into them. They even stack together like real Legos! When you are done them!

Here are 3 tips to set you up for success when making jello castings in a ComposiMold mold!

TIP #1: Be sure to use 1/2 the amount of water asked for in the instructions. This will make a firmer jello Lego so it'll hold up to de-molding from your mold and lots of Lego stacking play!

TIP #2: Be sure to spray the inside of your ComposiMold mold with a food safe mold release before pouring the liquid jello.

TIP #3: Let the liquid jello cool way down before pouring. Also cool the mold before pouring liquid jello.

Let us know if you try this project! We'd love to hear about it and see pictures too!
~The ComposiMold Team

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