Thursday, March 10, 2016

Turn Polymer Clay Pendants into Epoxy Resin Jewelry

Watch the video below to learn how to turn unique polymer clay pendants into epoxy resin jewelry. It's easy to do with ImPRESSive Putty, a re-usable mold making putty made by ComposiMold.

Follow these steps to make your own unique epoxy resin jewelry:
1. Sculpt polymer clay (Sculpey in this case) into the shape pendants you want. We used a cool pattern on a silver ring to press texture into the surface of the clay. We also carved into the surface with a sharp tool. Get creative with this step!

2. Bake the polymer clay per product instructions. 

3. Add Activator to the microwavable bag and melt the ImPRESSive Putty (formerly ReMold Putty) per instructions. For the 6oz. size, we used 2, 20sec. intervals until the Putty was dough-like with no hard clumps. 

4. Let the Putty cool for 10 minutes. It's too hot to handle right out of the microwave.

5. Once the Putty is cooled off enough to handle comfortably, knead it for 3-5 minutes. This incorporates all of the Activator and smooths out any lines in the Putty. 

6. Place Putty on a plate and press your hardened clay pendants into the Putty. Don't push them so far in that they touch the plate beneath the Putty. This would make your mold too thin.

7. Let the Putty cool until firm to the touch. This mold was placed in the freezer for 1 hr.

8. Remove the Putty from the freezer. You can now de-mold your clay pendants. Simply bend the Putty mold away from the clay pendants and pull them out of the mold. ImPRESSive! 

1. Pour Clear Casting Plastic Part A into a cup. Pour Clear Casting Plastic Part B in to a separate cup. Add epoxy resin colorant to Part A and mix before mixing the two parts together. We used Resin Obsession's dye for epoxy resin.

2. Thoroughly mix Part A with Part B. Stir slowly so you don't introduce any bubbles.

3. Slowly pour the epoxy mixture into the Putty mold. Try not to overflow so you'll have less to clean up after your castings cure.

4, Let your castings cure overnight.  

5. Remove the castings the same way you removed the pendants you molded. Bend the Putty mold away from the castings and easily pop them out. 

6. Drill holes for threading wire, jump rings, and chains through to make your one of a kind jewelry pieces. 

7. Make your pendants into earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and more! 

1. Re-Melt to Re-Use. Easy!

It's as simple as that! You too can make original epoxy resin pendants in any shape you can imagine. We'd love to know if you try this. Drop us a line and send photos!

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