Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cut Block Mold Making Technique for Complicated and Fragile Parts

Once again ComposiMold proves its user friendliness...

Not only can you see through the material to be sure you are liking how your molds and casts are coming out, but you can also work with fragile and complicated parts by cutting the mold with a sharp clean knife.

In this example of the "cut block" technique you will see how we made a cut down a center parting line of our master object to be able to remove it from the cooled mold. We left a large portion of the mold intact so it will line back up with we make our casting.

We wanted to be sure that we casted the tail of this little lion and that it didn't break when we removed the fragile chocolate version. It was a success!

Don't be afraid to cut the mold, tape it back together if needed, and make your casts. We don't call ComposiMold user friendly for nothing!

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