Thursday, July 2, 2015

Turn Your Logo into a Chocolate Cake Topper

We turned the Startup and Create logo into a white chocolate cupcake topper! You can do this too by printing out a logo as line art, placing the paper over a piece of polymer clay, and tracing and cutting the logo out of the clay.

We then put the clay logo shape into a heat safe mold box and poured ComposiMold-FC over  the top.

Once the ComposiMold-FC cools, you can remove the clay and pour melted chocolate into it. The chocolate hardens fairly quickly and even quicker in the freezer. Simply bend the mold away from the chocolate logo, once the chocolate has hardened, and use the chocolate casting to decorate cakes or cupcakes.

Don't forget, once you are done making your cake toppers in this mold, re-melt the mold to make over 35 different logos with one container of ComposiMold-FC.

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