Wednesday, July 1, 2015

How to Use a Wallpaper Scrap to Make a Fondant Cake Wrap Texture

Easily transfer interesting textures onto the side of your cake with a ComposiMold mold. In this example, we used a scrap piece of textured wall paper to make our mold. 

1. Glue the entire back side of the paper to a perfectly flat heat safe mold box. (You can make any shape and depth mold box with tin foil.) Be sure the surface you are resting the mold on is level and perfectly flat.

2. Coat the textured paper and inside of the mold box with Food Contact Safe Mold Release. Wipe away any excess. 

3. Melt ComposiMold-FC (food contact) per instructions on the lid. Do not let it boil, as this will introduce too many bubbles.

4. Pour the ComposiMold-FC into your mold box to cover the paper by at least 1/2".

5. Let the mold cool and solidify on the flat surface.

6. Pull the mold away from the tin foil and then remove the wallpaper from the mold. 

7. Trim any rough edges of the mold with a clean knife or kitchen scissors. 

8. Soften your fondant and press it into the mold. Using a rolling pin eliminates the added heat of your fingers which may warp your fondant casting. 

9. Trim the edges of your fondant cake wrap and apply to the cake. 

10. You can also pick up details in the mold to decorate the top and sides of the cake.

 The possibilities are endless. You can find textures to mold everywhere you look. If you are not able to put the texture you want to duplicate into a mold box due to it's location, you can use a different method called: the Brush On Method. This allows you to brush melted ComposiMold onto a texture in place. One example is an instance where we wanted to duplicate a flower detail on the back of a lawn chair. After washing the plastic chair with soap and hot water we followed the steps to create a mold with this technique. Then we were able to make white chocolate castings in this mold. See how the possibilities are endless?!

White chocolate flower made in a mold of a detail on a lawn chair. The Brush On Method was used here.

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