Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Minnie Mouse Birthday Candle

One of the best features of ComposiMold, Reusable Mold Making Material, is that it is transparent. You can easily see your original object through the mold. If the shape of your part is a little too complicated to pull right out of the mold, you can make some cuts down the side. These are called parting lines and they can be strategically placed to run down the sides or back of your final figurine.

When making your parting lines, be sure to leave a portion of the mold intact so the parts of the mold that have been cut can easily line back up when you are on to making your castings later.

You can see in this video we made of a Minnie Mouse Birthday Candle, that we cut the mold 2 times, thus creating a faux 3 part mold. It's easy to line the cut pieces back together to apply tape. This method makes it super easy to pull the delicate candle out of the mold as soon as the Soy Candle Wax is cooled and complete!


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