Monday, October 5, 2015

Make/Duplicate The Little Mermaid Using Remold Putty and InstaMorph

Duplicate The Little Mermaid and your other toys, sculptures, or items.

First add 2 drops of the activator to the bag for every 1oz of ReMold Putty. I used 6oz of ReMold putty so I added 12 drops of the activator. It is not important to be super accurate. Next place the putty in the microwave for 20 second intervals until it feels like clay and there are no clumps. Make sure to use the included microwave safe bag and keep it closed.

Allow the putty to cool until it is comfortable enough to touch then thoroughly knead and smooth the putty. If the putty is to hot it will slowly droop, wait until the putty is cool enough to hold it shape before creating your mold.

Push your object into the putty then diligently press the putty around the object making sure all the voids are filled. Allow the first half to solidify (you can speed it up by placing it in the freezer.) Once it feels like a stiff rubber the putty is ready. Rub a thin layer of mold release onto the first half of the mold then create the second half by pressing it onto the first half. Allow the second half to solidify and you are ready to cast.

Now pour your moldable plastic into boiling water, we used shape lock moldable plastic in this video which works the same as InstaMorph and other moldable plastics. Once the plastic turns clear remove it from the water, shape it and push it into the mold.

Now that you have a shape that is closer to the original, trim the excess place it back in boiling water and push it into the mold again. Keep doing this until you have removed all the excess and the shape is perfect.

Try starting with one part molds it’s a lot easier and practical.
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