Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The Science of Why We Can Pour Hot Casting Materials into Cold ComposiMold

Making a mold with ComposiMold is easy. Simply, bring the temperature of ComposiMold above 135 F and pour! To solidify, just cool to room temperature.

Due to thermoconductivity, you can still use casting materials in this mold that are above 135 F and they won't destroy your mold. Rubbers, such as ComposiMold, have low thermoconductivity. This means it takes longer for the heat to travel from hot casting materials into the ComposiMold mold. The hot materials will set up before heating the ComposiMold.

You can actually pour casting materials into ComposiMold up to about 180 F even though ComposiMold melts at about 135 F. You can do this by chilling the ComposiMold mold first. For example, beeswax makes a great candle, but it melts at 145 F, so you need to cool the.ComposiMold mold by placing the mold in the refrigerator or freezer and then pouring in the melted beeswax.

So by chilling the ComposiMold, it takes much longer for the mold's temperature to reach its melting point. However, if you chill it to 30 F, it must heat up over 100 degrees before it melts.

The casting material, such as the wax or soap, only has to drop its temperature a few degrees before it begins to solidify. Also, waxes and soaps cool from the outside to the inside (unlike metals that cool from inside/out). So as they cool you create a barrier of wax that also helps protect the ComposiMold.

Be sure to chill the mold prior to each casting made. This will ensure that your mold doesn't get destroyed and that your mold making and casting experience is a success.

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