Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Brush On/Pour On Method for Making Molds of Relief Sculptures

Could making a mold with ComposiMold get any easier?! Why, yes it could. We'll show you how to make a mold of a relief sculpture (flat shape) by just pouring or brushing melted ComposiMold onto it without even using a mold box.

ComposiMold-Food Contact
Relief Sculpture
Edible Paints

1. Place your clean relief sculpture on a surface that ComposiMold can easily be peeled away from. In this example we use a piece of glass. (Paper surfaces are not ideal)

2. Melt your ComposiMold-FC in the microwave per the instructions included in the container. 

3. Pour a thin layer of CM-FC over the object. Be sure it covers the entire surface including the edges. 

4. Look closely for any bubbles that may have been trapped on the surface of your original object. Use a toothpick to pull the bubbles off the surface. You don't need to pop them or try to completely remove them, just be sure they are not touching the surface of the relief sculpture. 

5. Let the 1st layer cool until firm to the touch again. A thin layer such as this took less than 20 mins to cool. 

6. Pour your next layer over the first. This layer adds firmness and strength to your mold. All the detail was captured in the first layer. Be sure the entire thickness of the mold is at least 1/4" to 1/2".

7. Let this layer cool. 

8. Peel the ComposiMold-FC mold off of the original piece and flip it over onto a flat clean surface. 

9. Soften the fondant of your choice, roll to 1/8", and transfer to your mold. Press into all the details and edges of the mold. 

10. Rub excess fondant away from the edges of the final fondant piece to cut the extra away. (See video)

11. Then gently roll the final edges back towards the final fondant piece to make them neat when the piece is flipped over. 

12. Carefully flip the mold and fondant over. Then lift one edge of the mold back and away from the fondant. Slowly bend/peel the mold away from the fondant to reveal your edible creation. 

13. Paint and decorate the fondant shape with edible materials. Wrap it around the side of a cake, drape over a cupcake, or showcase it on its own!

14. Make as many fondant creations as you need or pour melted chocolate into your mold to make a different version. 

15. Wipe away any fondant or chocolate from the mold with a cold damp cloth, re-melt the ComposiMold, and store covered until your next project. 

Here is a link to a video tutorial of the same project:

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